“Reading Audacity of Hope” (or “Is this guy serious??”)

The other day I had just returned from a long over-seas flight and wanted to share something with a good friend of mine.   It seems someone at work was going to throw away B-O’s campaign book, and since I was already looking for something to read…

So I walk into my friend’s pizza shop and when I see his wife, I boom out “Hey S***A! I found this great book you have to read.”   Now she likes to read, and has shared a few books with me, so she probably was thinking I had something to share.  “This book has changed my life S***A!”

Oh, the look on her face when I turned the cover!  (Did I mention it was her and her husband that tuned me in to the Tea Party Movement in our home town?)

I told her not to worry – I hadn’t suffered any head injuries on the way home.  But I showed her how I had been scribbling notes on just about every page.  I don’t know how anyone can pick up the book and not find themselves saying “who is this guy think he’s fooling???”

which gave me the idea… Maybe I ought to write my thoughts down.  Which I think I’m going to do – so, if you are A) someone looking forward to his third book, b) a kool-aide drinking demo-bot, or c) a member of the New York Times, then it might be best if you just skip the rest of my blogs.

Remember, the book is 360 pages (of obfuscations, narcissism, and useless meanderings) long, so I’ll have plenty, plenty, and plenty to write about.

So, if you like moveon.org – do just that… move on…  🙂


3 Responses

  1. What a trooper you are! It’s getting harder and harder to hear his voice or see his photos unless they are photoshopped into something for comic relief.

    I do a lot of reading, byt, have no desire to pick up either of his books. Have read reviews of his books and have perused the sites that have taken his books apart. Am looking forward to your take.

    Currently reading Courting Disaster, awesome!

    • I will have to add “Courting Disaster” to my reading list. And thanks for taking the time to leave a comment and encourage me to continue with my book-review project. Reading the book was … hhhmm… interesting? Even more interesting – the responses I was getting from people around me while I was reading it.

      I’ve actually had people say “oooh, that is a great book”, but when I ask them if they’ve read it, they say “no”. Chilling how quick some folks are to accept anything this man has to say.


  2. I’ve seen this in stores is it the same exact product?

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