Taking the Big Plunge!

Well, after thinking about setting up a blog… and telling myself I really wanted to do this… and then stepping back and thinking about it again, I’ve decided – let’s do it.

Let’s take the big plunge.  Sure, the Blogosphere has plenty of voices, and mine will probably be drowned out – I’m not worrying.   I already know Obama is not going to loose any sleep when Michelle whispers in his ear,  “The A-Files is looking for the truth”…

Nor do I expect anyone to look back and add February 12th to the list of other dates in which history was changed – July 4th 1776 or Easter Morning 2,000 years ago.

What I do expect is this – to never run out of material comment on, especially with Obama, Pelosi, or any other Democrat keep moving along as if no one really cares what they do.

What I do expect – is over time, meet some folks who either agree with me, or disagree with me.   I also expect some comments may be less than kind, but that’s alright because I truly believe it’s my right to have an opinion, and to also be able to express it.

So take warning “Socialism-is-the-cure-for-problems-Americans-are-too-stupid-to-realize” Liberals…. your agenda has been examined and found empty – November 2010 and 2012 will be hear sooner than you realize.   And the more like-minded folks such as myself work to getting their neighbors involved…. the bigger the landslide which buries your political party.

Have a nice day!


2 Responses

  1. Congratulations! Very good start, as you know, Professor Jacobsen spilled the beans.

    We always have room for one more conservative site and thank you for dedicating your time, all that’s involved in putting a blog together everyday would overwhelm me.

    Soldier on, Salute!

    • Missy – a big THANK YOU for the words of encouragement. I hope I’m able to make it worth your time to return and read some more! Please, always feel free to leave a comment!


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