Audacity #02 (or “You have two ears and one mouth for a reason”)

After picking up B-O’s book and trying to give it a “serious” read, I found I couldn’t make it past page 6 without shaking my head.  Listen as he describes how it was for him when he first entered politics.

“Without the machinery of the state’s Democratic Party organization, without any real mailing list or Internet operation, I had to rely on friends or acquaintances to open their houses to whoever might come.”

He spends a lot of the first pages working hard to try to describe himself as the “long-shot outsider”.  I guess he must have learned a lot since then – who else can become President after being an unknown of 1 year Senator with no voting record.  I think he also learned something important about “machinery” and “Internet operation”.

But I wasn’t finished reading Page-6.

“whether people were friendly, indifferent, or occasionally hostile, I tried my best to keep my mouth shut and hear what they had to say.”

Here we are, 1 year into his admin, 5 years after the book was written – now, either he still hasn’t learned to keep his mouth shut, or maybe he has learned a lesson – that perhaps he feels its a waste of time to keep his mouth shut and listen.

After all, when other people speak – it’s usually about their own problems and very little about how “great” he is”.  So, again… why waste time keeping the mouth shut?

(and watching all of his self-aggrandizing speeches, I think I know how he feels about having two ears and only one mouth)



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