Is it “Profligate”… or “Pontificate”

Alright everyone… take your seats… the”Glorious Teacher” is about to school us on Fiscal Responsibility…

Now… that wasn’t so painful…. was it?

I was wondering what “Profligate” meant.”..(A decade of profligacy”, I know that means “Bush did this for 10 years”)… but just what does that word mean?

Again… Back to Websters:

Profligate (Adj) 1) Completely given up to dissipation & licentiousness. 2) Wildly Extravagent.

Is he serious??? I mean, is he talking about Michelle, and her 22 secretaries, with a budget of 2 million per year?  Or is he talking about the Nancy Pelosi’s $101,000 liquor bill for going to Copenhaggen?  Perhaps its the $10 mil he’s already spent on parties that have $150 Colby Steaks??

Never mind that through out the whole video he sounds like a character from Orwell’s “1984 – Up is the new down, left is the new right, etc.

Maybe he should try a new word… Pontificate

“to speak or express opinions in a pompous or dogmatic way”.



One Response

  1. Dear Leader and his fellow travelers are masters of doublespeak and that is clear.

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