Signs of the Times

I’ve always thought bumper stickers were usually a good way for letting the guy behind you at the red light know where you stood on some issues…. and at 99 cents, not a bad way to share your feelings.

Now take a look at the handiwork of some folks who’ve decided their disagreement is worth a bit more than 99cents.

From “Gateway Pundit” Blog, a good sign on Highway 41, just outside of Green Bay WI:

from "Gateway Pundit

So, I was wondering if there were any other billboards, and did a quick Google Image search…

From the “Missouri Record” blog, a sign near I-29, just north of Kansas City:

from "Missouri Record" Blog

I’m curious…it’s only one word, all be it a doozy of a word – but who do you think the rent payer is referring to?

And not to be outdone, here’s a sign I found from “”Sodahead” blog:

from "Sodahead" blog


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  1. Impeach the Marxist for starting Obamanation!!

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