When the Wheels of Justice Are Too Slow…

Two days ago, Viva Leroy Nash passed away and presumably went onward to meet a different judge.

So, who is Viva Leroy Nash?  Why, he is, or was… the oldest death row inmate.  94 years old.  I’m pretty sure somewhere, so lawyer was preparing an appeal saying it was cruel and unusual punishment, yahda, yahda, yahda.

Death Row Inmate: Viva Leroy Nash - 94 Years Old

But let’s take a look at a few facts…. Nash was born in 1915, then convicted for shooting a police officer in 1947, and at the age of 22, spends the next 25 years in prison.  A few years after he gets out, he shoots another man in Salt Lake City in 1977.  So it’s back to prison for Nash, but then in 1982,at the age of 67, he escapes from a prison work crew (never mind this is someone who has two separate homicides – it’s obvious he wasn’t much of a threat).  Anyone want to take a guess what he does?

If you guessed “Shoot someone?” Then move to the front of the line.  He fatally shot a Phoenix coin shop clerk.  Finally, after a third person paid with their life, the court system finally looks to the death penalty.

Now…what if that had been the sentence in 1947?


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