Will This Be A Mistake?

First, I stand on the side of Pro-Life.

Second, I know, it’s not MSM’s preferred term, rather they describe it as “Anti-Abortion Movement”.  So, for sake of keeping things balanced, I’ll apply the same to the opposing viewpoint.

Without a doubt, the Anti-Life Movement is not going to like seeing this new billboard in Atlanta.

AP photo of Atlanta Billboard

With over a million deaths a year, one doesn’t have to go very far in wondering what our nation would be like today if SCOTUS had made a different decision.   We will never know how much our society has been deprived of great contributions – whether it be art, science, or for that matter – another 20 million tax payers.

And I’ve read a lot of what Margaret Sanger had to say about controlling populations.  She wasn’t a friend to the poor, or of the minority.  I doubt she would have shed any tears if someone were to tell her just how many children would never enjoy life.  Part of me thinks she may have asked another question “Why so few?”

But even with all of this, I’m wondering if “Too Many Aborted” might be stepping into a very deep hole when they use the word “Endangered Species.”  …. on the hand, their web site has a lot to say about this.


3 Responses

  1. I was born to an unwed mother and given up for adoption, years before abortion was legal. Thank God my “real” mother gave me a chance. All babies should be so lucky.

  2. I’m in agreement with you – Thank God and may more babies be so lucky.

    Your site says you are a Great Grand Mother! So many lives effected by one decision – which is the point the group behind the billboard is driving – not just an unborn life is lost, but future generations are being lost as well.


  3. […] wrote about this billboard when it first appeared.  I wondered then if it was going to be a mistake, but […]

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