Obama’s Post-Gitmo Plan

Seems Fox News is carrying a pretty interesting story about “Rehabilitated Prisoners” in Saudi Arabia.

Never mind how the article points out how there are over 4,200 Saudis imprisoned on terrorism charge.  It’s the “reform program” – take a look at what the program includes:
“Saudi Arabia’s approach to de-radicalization relies heavily, as does religious socialization here in general, on Islamic education or re-education, psychological counseling, family support and help in finding past or prospective enemies of the kingdom a job, wife, car and other keys to social stability.

And life “behind bars” doesn’t look like it’s going to be that tough either:
The new center, still under renovation, offers recovering inmates swimming pools and even a jacuzzi, a soccer field and other sports facilities, a library and computer center, and villas for conjugal visits, which the program encourages.

So….. we can go from here….–> 

<< — … To Here!

Let’s just be thankful B-O and his crew don’t spend anytime reading Fox News, or they may get ideas.



2 Responses

  1. Republicans want want failure, they want things like the insurance companies to continue to rake in billions and to keep the unwealthy at a disadvantage. The infrastructures portion was what we needed to get us going in advancing our country to come into the present but the old conservatives who want to go back to the “simpler times” (ie. slavery, and racial discrimination via lower education). Our country and everyday people need help due to bad financial policy and they are just not getting it. Who is getting it? Big business. God bless America.

    • So many different things to write zingers about…don’t even know where to start. Must be the head cold. Slavery? Lets remember – Grand Old Party = Lincoln = liberator. Today, Democrat = Welfare Pusher = Economic Slavery.

      Should I go on?


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