Warning – This Video Might Upset You

Look, I know of folks have kicked the topic around… Is B-O a muslim?  Second topic – does it even matter?

If you’re not interested in discussing these topics, or feel it’s not worth your time, then move on, there are other blogs you can read.

For starters – I work in a country which is predominantly Muslim.   After a while, it’s not hard to hear someone use certain key phrases which are good indications of their faith.     Just like the Born-Again Christian is comfortable saying “Son of Man” or “Lamb of God”, even the Muslim has certain phrases.  And if you watch this video, you’re bound to pick up on some of these. I challenge you to watch this video, and then ask yourself – have you ever seen any similar passion on his part being displayed about his “Christian” faith?

Second, pay close attention to the clips from his speech in Egypt (the one with the American flag displayed next to the flag with the Red border on top, the black border on bottom).  Ask yourself how come CNN and the rest of MSM didn’t play any significant portions of this speech here in America?

And I’m not just talking about being able to provide small quotes from the Quran… I’m looking at the video and hearing someone who knows more than just “Sharia Law”, but understands Sahka (sp?) (the required alms giving).

Now, what about Audacity of Hope?  Does he say anything in this “Masterpiece”?   There are small hints throughout the book (I’m working my way through the book, posting one bit at a time).  But for now, I want to jump straight to the last page of Chapter Six – “Faith”

“I thought of Sasha asking me once what happened when we die… I wondered whether I should have told her the truth, that I wasn’t sure what happens when we die, any more than I was sure of where the soul resides or what existed before the Big Bang.”

That’s not the response of someone who claims he’s surrendered his heart to Jesus Christ.  That’s not the answer of someone who even remotely claims Christianity as his faith.

Why the big deal?  Am I offended that he is not Christian?  No.

Read my words again.  I do not expect the President of the United States to have a prerequisite to attend my church.  what I do have a problem with, is his duplicity and insincerity.

But what I really have a problem with… is a country known as Iran.  A country hell bent on acquiring nuclear weapons, and when they finally make significant progress – his administration says virtually nothing of any consequence.

And if anyone feels that Iran poses no threat, or that B-O’s lack of intestinal fortitude to stand up to Iran poses no threat – then just move on.  Find another blog to amuse yourself with.

Iran is dangerous.  B-O is doing nothing to stop Iran.  B-O is afraid of offending his Islamic brothers.

I believe there is a correlation between the above three statements  – if you don’t, then wait a little bit longer and after you see mushroom clouds on CNN, you can ask yourself “How did this happen?”



3 Responses

  1. That is a weird room he is in in the part of the video about 15 seconds in. It looks like something from a Kubric film. When they put all of his own words together in a clip like that it makes him seem like he is a muslim. But then again he is a professional politician. Politicians are the gecko of the proffesional world. Everything to everyone without a real purpose.

    • You’re right…it does have a bit of 2001 look to it. Am not sure which country that clip takes place in – I kept looking at the flag and the only one which is red with a white star is Turkey. The other flag, I’m positive it’s Egypt.

      Here’s an interesting thought… in the clip with the US flag and egyptian flag – do you see any teleprompter/ For someone who can’t give a speech without his Techno-toys, he seems to be doing a good job reciting all the glories of islam, all from memory. And he just can’t seem to remember much of anything Jeremiah Wright said, huh?


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