When the Veeps Get to Swinging…

On second thought, I really should have did a better job and capture that video when I saw Joe Biden telling the talking head he thought Iraq was going to be one of B-O’s greatest achievements.

Talk about taking credit for something they didn’t do – but does that surprise you?  Remember a former-prestigious medal for peace?  It had the name No-Bull, or ignoble, or something like that.  Either way – taking credit for others work is just another part of their M.O.

So…absent the YouTube video, I thought I’d share a few little bits of “Political Art” from (You guessed it – Fox News) which I think does a good job poking fun at Joe.

From David Ringham, IN

Yeah Joe…keep yapping away…you’re obviously more intellectual than anyone from Alaska.

From Matt McInnes, KS

Stay down Joe – it will be brutal if you get back up =  go back until Papa B-O needs you to look silly again.

From Ruth, CA

Comrade Joe has personally hunt down and captured everyone in Gitmo.   Don’t doubt.  Just believe.


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