When Your Standing in the Polls Drops, You Should…

Just found an interesting article on how the WH plans to reconnect with America.

How about that – the Great One’s administration is finally waking up to the reality that B-O isn’t “connecting with the American people.  We already know they brought back Dan Pfeiffer, WH communications director.  So what’s the game plan?

“More events at which the President speaks directly to the public without the filter of the media”

Let me translate – “More events where he stands behind the teleprompter in front of SEIU and ACORN crowds, which in turn the MSM will show how well he is being embraced by middle-America.”

“Carefully choreographed interactions with the press.”

Translation – “We want the press to first submit their questions in advance, so we know who to avoid, and can have 30 second sound bite answers already prepared.

“We ran everything through one strategic filter – how does this help us win the election?” said WH communications director Dan Pfeiffer. “Anything that didn’t help us do that, we didn’t do.”

Great – now his admin is finally going to come right out and say “We’re staying in campaign mode” as well as ‘It’s not about what’s good for America, just the bottom line – does this help us win an election.”

Well… he did promise transparency and honesty… didn’t he?


One Response

  1. “Well… he did promise transparency and honesty… didn’t he?”

    Why yes he did, but he was using doublespeak. I posted this article on facebook and twitter, hope this iss okay with you?

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