Hey Stimulus – Happy Anniversary

Wow – has it been a year already?  I don’t see any big fanfar coming out of the WH.  What’s the matter Gibbs?  Can’t find anything good to say?

Can’t say it’s done the deficit any good – that little 787 billion dollar Pork-bill has added on 1.6 TRILLION dollars to the debt.  Not that I’m worried about that – we just need to work a little harder on making more grandchildren – the more there are, the more the debt can be spread around.

Can’t say it’s done any good for unemployment.   Not unless you figure going from 8.1 to 10.2 is good.  If you think so, then give me a call when they let you out of the asylum.

“We acted because failure to do so would have led to catastrophe,” Obama said.

At this point, I figure he’s going to talk about the 2 million jobs he’s created.   What he won’t address is how the math he uses is very questionable.  And while we’re at it…has he created jobs, or just helped some hold onto jobs by providing money to meet payroll?

White House Council of Economic matters told ABC’s “Good Morning America” that…
“A huge part of the package has kept hundreds of thousands of state workers on the payroll”

Keeping state workers on payroll? That’s “creating” jobs?  I don’t think so – when I feed my two sons, that doesn’t mean I get to run out and tell folks I’ve helped add two more to my family.  And while I’m thinking about it, there is no comparisson between state jobs and private business – because business owners either have the money in the bank so they can cover pay roll or they don’t.  the one thing they can’t do is keep going deeper in debt to meet payroll.

Uh huh...uh huh...you don't say...no kidding.. somebody wake me up.

Anyone catch the fact that when B-O wants to go talk to “the common man” about the economy and jobs, he goes to someone in a union?

Go figure.



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