My 8 Answers to Keith Olbermann’s question

“Where are the people of color?”

1) Open your eyes Keith…

2) start telling the cameras to show EVERYONE who’s there, and not just the ones who you think make the Tea Parties look “racist”.

3) Step back and remember it’s your friends who said B-O’s SOTU speech made you forget “he was a black man.”  I don’t recall any Olbermann-backlash there – or is this a double standard?

4) Wake up and realize only the racist at heart believes political membership should be based on color – i.e. your assumption that “people of color” are not conservative, nor care about holding politicians accountable.

5) Show me what 40 years of marching in step with the Democrats has done to improve the inner city?

6) Admit you won’t give credibility to a message unless it meets your own racist pre-requisite, which has nothing to do with the validity of the message – DC is out of control and we can’t afford to continue funding programs that do nothing but buy votes to keep politicians in power.

7) Predict to your viewing audience that when the political tsunami hits in November and the Democrats are decimated, your only response is going to be “this election is only a racist backlash”.

8) Admit that you’re frightened.


And in case you’re wondering…


5 Responses

  1. True enough.

    I think it was “the tingler” Mathews that said he forgot Obama was a black man and not Olbermann, though.

    It blows me away at how the Left in this country has laid claim to minorities, and then have the audacity to tell them how to think, act, vote, etc. And then the nasty, nasty attacks leveled at them when women or racial minorities stray… Disgraceful and hypocritical.

    The constraints of the past forty years or so that the Left has imposed upon women and racial minorities is unconscionable.

    • I do believe you are right – i’m going to go back in and fix that. But you are absolutely correct – the Democrats “assume’ the minority vote is theirs to claim, and then get offended by any member of the minority who steps out. I mean, take a look at the comments the Dem leadership was saying about B-O before he became Prez…. talk about racist comments. Ok Olbermann… here’s one back at you – where’s your protectionist outrage over those comments?

      Olbermann lives in denial – the boat is sinking but he’d rather say the water line is rising, and nothing else is happening.


  2. anyway, how can you look at a crowd and know their race?
    my grandson has blond hair and blue eyes. He is Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish, French, American Indian, German, Welsh, and a few others.
    this is America for goodness’ sake!

    • Exactly!! That America was known as “the Great Melting Pot” is something Olbermann has either forgotten, or chosen to ignore. But then again, his own question “where are people of color?” tells me he will only draw his answer from what he can “see”. He’s the one who sees “color”, we’re the ones who see Americans.


  3. Olbermann and his fellow travelers are not interested in opening their eyes. They have an agenda to push and that’s all that matters to them.

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