Roadside Memorials Hurt Some Atheist’s Feelings

Does this Offend You?

I think each of us has seen them – the road side memorial to someone who has lost his or her life in a road accident.  It’s a time of grieving, and for some, a way to heal the wounds which are left behind.

But it seems some folks who hold to an atheistic belief system are offended.  Over at they have an interesting web site – one that lists a number of “Actions” a person can take.  A list which includes hiding the Gideon Bibles left in hotel rooms, defacing U.S Currency (take a guess what they want their fans to scratch out?), but now they are also talking about it being their civic duty to remove the memorials.   Their web site even shows what power tools they recommend.

I’m not against memorials.  And they don’t have to be Crosses either.  I don’t know if folks of the Wicca faith put up memorials, or if the Buddhist do either, but what I do remember… is there is a story behind that memorial.  And not only the story of someone who’s no longer here, but that memorial is some mother’s way of remembering her child, some father’s way of saying “I won’t forget you”.

But for some atheist – it’s just a target.

Removing a memorial is about as tasteless as walking into a funeral home and telling those in grief that they just need to suck it up and move on.



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