A Parking Lot is the Best Nancy Could Find

To celebrate the Stimulus Recovery, Nancy went home and found someone who was given $10,000 in the stimulus package, and in turn the parking lot owner says he has “created” 13 jobs.


Maybe you’re like me, and it’s been a while since you’ve been able to afford to go out to eat, let alone go somewhere which requires paid parking – but the last I recall, parking lots don’t have a lot of employees, and those there are…tend to be minimum wage.

So…787 Billion dollars, and Nancy wants to celebrate minimum wage jobs.  Go figure.

Way I see it, 787 Billion divided by 300 million Americans, means a little more than $2,600 per person.  And for a typical 4 person family, that wold be about $10,400 dollars.  I think we would have been better off with a ten thousand dollar check, than jump up and down cheering 13 more working at the parking lot.

I also love her answer about California unemployment going from 10.6 to 12.4 – we won’t know how bad it would be if they hadn’t acted.  Well, for starters, that argument works both ways – no one can tell where it would have stopped.  In other words… it may have stopped at 12.5 or maybe … even 11.4.

Second flaw – if 787 Billion stopped it, does this mean another 787 billion will lower it?  why stop there?  Why not throw 787 billion at unemployment every month until everyone has a job?  I’m sure there are still plenty of ways of creating even more minimum wage jobs.

Because one thing is certain – you can’t spend your way out of debt.


2 Responses

  1. I wondered at the time what would happen if they just gave one million to each citizen. They would have saved a lot of money, no pork, every one out of debt and spending.

    • *shudder*

      What would I do…what would I do?

      For starters, I’d spend $101,000 on TV ads asking Nancy why her own bar tab for Copenhagen was $101,000, and would also ask her to think hard about considering AA for her and her friends. Come on… any group that spends that much has got to have a drinking problem.”


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