First Milestone

Just thought I’d take a moment and recognize that today is my first milestone – 500 visitors.

Ok…Rush, Milken, Beck…I know they get that in all of 30 seconds, and it’s taken 8 days to get here.  But you know what, when I started this, I was figuring maybe one or two hits a day (thanks dad and thanks to my wife).  I wasn’t figuring to get here yet.

But you what?  I’m just having fun.



5 Responses

  1. Congratulations Old-Man-Tex! Keep up the great work you have started!


    • Muser – thanks for stopping by – your encouragement goes a long ways! Catch me off-blog – want to share an idea with you for a possible project which might do a lot of good if we can get it to go viral.


  2. Congrats! Pretty short time too…

  3. Keep it up! I’m enjoying it.

    • I will! Knowing some folks are enjoying it…. well, that makes this all that much more worth it. Keep watching for an entry I’m going to write about “Making Change Work”…. I’m still tinkering with it, and when I flesh out the idea, I’ll post it. Might be some worth watching!


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