Tea Party Caused the Austin Kamikaze

Well, it took less than 24 hours for the Left to start saying “Tea Party” in the same sentence as “Austin plane crash.”  Imagine that!

“Scott Brown Yawns at Plane Attack” and “New GOP Senator links guy crashing plane to his election”

But maybe we should have seen this coming – after all, when the professor in Alabama went on a shooting spree, it didn’t take long to press for a link between her crimes and the Tea Party (“Race in America: Does racism explain the ‘tenure shooting’ and Tea Party movement?”)

A few days ago, Professor Jacobson at “Legal Insurrection” has done a fine service by trying to warn everyone that this was what we should start to expect.

Now…read the words from the Kamikaze himself… do you see anything about Tea Party? Or Obama? – no…this is someone who’s been having problems for better than 20 years, which appears to have started when he started to attend “You Don’t Have To Pay Taxes” seminars.  If anyone is to blame for sowing the seeds, it should be here…and not Tea Party.

Read his diatribe, and you will see he was no fan of any part of the government.  Or CPAs (who he blames for tax problems).  Or for other Engineering companies which “colluded to drive down the rates”.

There’s a lot I can say about the Kamikaze – and after reading his manifesto, one thing I’m sure of, his ideology was nothing comparable.  No more than the Unabomber’s manifesto was.

Enough on that… the main point – we better be ready for the populist movement to be blamed on a wide number of violent crimes.   That’s prediction number one….Prediction number two: watch for the head of DHS and other mouthpieces like Gibbs and Olbermann to take up the same accusations.



2 Responses

  1. Has no one in the media read this guy’s rambling manifest? Sort of strange that a Bush hating, communist sympathizing guy goes nuts, and then it’s pinned to the Tea Party movement.


    • You’re right on the money – the man was already angry as far back as the mid 80s. So…he precedes the Tea Party by 20+ years? I agree – it’s a shame to see commentators try to use this to tarnish the Tea Party. It might intimidate some, but it’s only going to cause others to re-double their efforts.


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