Massachusetts Miracle Repeat (Part One)

They say it couldn’t be done – the seat belonged to the Democrats.  But Scott Brown surprised everyone.   I know we all want to see it happen again, and the Democrats want nothing more for it to be a fluke.  So the big question is – can this be repeated?

Was this because Coakley was a poor candidate?  Was it because B-O did such a horrible job stumping for her?  Well, let me tell you what I think made a tremendous difference – the internet.

See, before Christmas, the GOP had pretty much did all but write Brown off because the conventional wisdom was there was no chance, so why throw good money into the campaign?  But then a handful of bloggers (LegalInsurrection – which I think took the lead), did all they could to work towards building up the name recognition.  And not just tout the name – but to encourage everyone to send a few dollars his way.  So, by the time the idea of a money bomb came up, and the blogosphere went to work… well..the rest is history.

So…back to my first question – can this be repeated?

Well… I remember once having a sociology professor once tell me that if I wanted to put my finger on what the customer’s wanted – then head to the mall.  A quick look at the parking lot would tell me a lot, and so would sitting in the food court watching.   One could learn a lot on what people thought was the “it” they wanted.

FaceBook is like the mall.  Only there, I’m not actually “seeing” people – what I am getting is that much better.  I’m getting a quick peek at what they think is important, and how they feel.

How about this?

O.B.A.M.A (One Big A** Mistake America) has 613,000 fans.  And it’s growing about 3-6,000 per day.  And then there’s a whole list of other groups like “nObama” with 59,000 and growing about 500-1,000 per day.

So…the mood is there… the question is this: can we do something with it?  We’re not going to be able to “organize” because a majority of these people are tired of “organizations”.  But what if there was a way to mobilize the growing numbers?   What if there was something everyone could do on their own, and still be able to capture the sense of working on something greater than what one person could do on their own?

What if there was a way to do this, and get a repeat of Massachusetts?

Such as…. a viral idea… a meme…

Look and my next two posts (Massachusetts Miracle Repeat – Part Two and Part Three).  I’m hoping it will be worth your time!



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