Massachusetts Miracle Repeat (Part Two) – PROJECT: Make Change Work

Ok… Hopefully you have read (Part One) first.

The idea I was writing about there, was to find a “Meme” which bloggers and FaceBook fans could get behind and help build the momentum.

Now think about this…. elections are more than speeches.  It’s more than just television ads.  There’s also the phone banks, the printers for the yard signs, the booths at every event one can think about.  But bottom line… elections takes money.

The SEIU has already shown they are willing to spend 33+ million dollars.  Do you REALLY think they are going to sit back and watch the power they’ve bought and paid for get defeated by something as silly as an election?

So…it’s time to mobilize.  And I’m not talking about sending the GOP more money.  No telling what they will do with it.  They’ve refused to get behind the election in NY, and just about missed the boat with Scott Brown.   I’d hate to see a lot of good money go towards someone just because they have (R).

But on the other hand…most everyone who’s frustrated, they know what we need.  We need CHANGE.  B-O talked about change, and we’re all pretty much convinced the change he was talking about was what he wants to leave us after he takes as many dollars as he can.  And most everyone frustrated has a fair amount of common sense – otherwise, why would our Founding Fathers have believed in the common man enough to give him the power to vote?

So…here’s the suggestion.  “PROJECT: Make Change Work” is just that – something we all can do with our pocket change.

Simply take an old coffee can, or fruit jar, and start putting your pocket change in it.  Go one step farther – put a big label “November” on it, so you remember exactly why you’re collecting your change.

And then, during the time right before the election, take it to one of the coin machines, and get it converted to hard dollars.  There you go – you now have a nice little amount you can contribute to a candidate.  And not just any candidate – but an incumbent who’s failure to be re-elected will send a message to B-O that he’s next.  (maybe, Reid, Dodd, or Boxer… and don’t forget 42 of the 49 Democrats are in defense mode as well!)

In my earlier post, I noted how one FaceBook page like O.B.A.M.A has over 600,000 fans and is growing every day.  If you’re like me, I tend to have about a dollar’s worth of change at the end of the day.  After 8 more months, that would be $200.

Now imagine what it would be like if 600,000 came together and started promoting PROJECT: Make Change Work.  At 200$ – even if only a third of the people got involved – we’re looking at $40 million.

So..get out your can…mark it November…and start telling everyone about the idea.  I’ve even set up a FaceBook Group page so more people can know about it.

Let’s make group grow!

Old-Man-Tex  (and don’t forget to read Part Three)

FaceBook Group for PROJECT Make Change Work (Link provided)


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