Massachussetts Miracle Repeat (Part Three) PROJECT: Keep George First

Alright..hopefully, you have read the first two blogs (Part One – the potential in FaceBook, and mobilizing it, Part Two – PROJECT: Make Change Work).

Really, I’m not one to tell you what order to read these in, but it might make more sense if you start with Part One.  if not, at least read Part Two!)

Now.. in my previous entry, I wrote about PROJECT: Make Change Work.  That’s a one time “Money Bomb”.  Which, no doubt, will have as big an impact as however many people get behind it and decide to set up a coin jar.  (Hint, hint, this is another reason we’re going to want you to share the FaceBook page with as many people as you can).

But a one time “Money Bomb” is just that – one time.  How about coming up with something with a little bit more frequency?  And that’s the idea behind PROJECT: Remember George First.

The idea is a simple one – George Washington was first, a Patriot.  He was the first President.  And, as Henry Lee said – “first in war, first in peace, first in the hearts of his countrymen”.   So…naturally, George would be a good choice for something symbolic…. something to represent a project aimed at giving certain incumbents the boot.

By now, you’ve read PROJECT Make Change Work.  Well…this works on a similar plan.  Take a look at your household, count the number and then dedicate $1 for each person.  And then on the first of the month, pick a candidate who’s fighting to replace an incumbent, and then go to the candidate’s web site and donate those $1 bills.

It might not sound like much…$4…. what can $4 do?  Well..take a FaceBook group like “Impeach Nancy Pelosi” that has 59,000 fans (and grows by 500+ quite rapidly).  Now, imagine if 50,000 were to donate $4 to John Dennis, her current challenger.  Wow – $200,000 right there.

But if that still doesn’t sound like much, remember…there are NINE (9) more months where the 1st will still roll around! So, that $200 can quickly become $1.8 MILLION.

And don’t forget… SEIU has already spent 30+Million… do you think they want to watch their investment get the boot?  If we are serious about wanting change – we better get to working on removing key members of the leadership team.  (I’m considering going “Lincoln” for every member of my family.  Maybe even Andrew Jackson”).

So pick someone – someone who HAS to go!  And help them get the message…. that they ignored us for too long, so now they’re fired!

Log on – check out the FaceBook Group – I don’t think you are going to regret it!

Old-Man-Tex  (and don’t forget – help others find the site as well so they can Remember George First!!)

Quick Link to FaceBook Group


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