White House Residence is “News Free Zone”

I’ll give Michelle credit – keep the house “News Free”, if for any reason, for the daughters.  Their dad is getting raked over the coals.  But that’s not a reason for toning back on the criticism.

During Hukabee’s interview, she told him “she tries to stay away from news because she wants to forumulate her own opinions based on her experiences.”

Wow- does that sound enlightened?  In other words, “I don’t base my opinion on what talking heads like Beck, Hannity, and Limbaugh tell me”.  Is that what she’s saying?

And just how does one go about forming an opinion, unless one stays informed?  Especially to counter arguments? (In other words, “Marching Orders for Left: Don’t let your opinion be based on information which might change your opinion).

I’m not going to say anything about their house being “News Free”, when they spend so much time courting the news, and trying to appear on the cover of Vogue. (Whoops, forgot about things like that, huh Michelle?)

But I definitely like her comment about B-O spending a lot of time surfing the political blogs.  My advice – find some new sites.  Maybe mine?  Because I will be more than willing to tell you how far off base you are.



5 Responses

  1. You’re so right, how can one form any valid opinion if you’re not informed.

  2. Don’t hold your breath on Obama actually reading any news sites looking for advice. He is just looking for flattering images of himself and absorbing whatever love notes and praise he can find from the left (as any true narcissist would).

  3. Men’s Vogue? Is that real? I think you are pulling my leg on this one. He looks slightly less masculine than she does in those cover shots. But Men’s Vogue, Cmon man!!! That can’t be real. Just googled it. It’s real. Sorry I questioned you old man.

    • Oh Mister O! Does this look like a liberal blog where we make up stories and statistics?? (laugh). If Old Man Tex posts there is a million in your bank, go ahead and start spending it! (Sorry – I’m not able to post that). But I can Hope it Changes, because I Feel the Pain.


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