If This wasn’t Hate Speach – Then the Law Is Not Blind

Anyone ever hear of William Kelly?  He’s a candidate for the Illinois Comptroller, and it turns out he is also suing the state over a decision over the State Capital’s holiday display.

Why is he suing the state? Well.. it seems there was a nativity scene, and someone decided to place a sign next to it which read “There’s no God, there’s no heaven.  Religion is good for only war, poverty and disease.”

So, what happens when he picks up the sign and turns it around?

He’s arrested.  And now he’s filed a federal lawsuit (way to go!)  Imagine that!  We are now at the point where people get arrested for trying to remove insults.

Hopefully the lawsuit will set a precedent so other folks don’t get arrested for trying to undo what is essentially criminal mischief.

Being an atheist is not a criminal act.  Deciding to tell others why a person wants to be an atheist,m again, not criminal.  But we don’t let skinheads get away with spray painting swastikas on synagogues, and would have the same revulsion if someone threw pork chops at an Imam.    It takes no stretch of a rational mind to agree with Kelly – any law that bars hate speech should apply to those who insults people of faith.

Anyone wondering why we aren’t seeing the ACLU step up to the plate?



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