When Your Rights Are Eroded Little By Little

The most common phrase a Nanny-State supporter will say is “for the Greater Good”.  And they tinker a bit here and bit there, and before long – one of the residual effects is people tend to loose sight of the bigger picture.

Like, when they take away a little bit of privacy here, and then add a little to the way they are allowed to intrude, and before long, someone who has the power, steps WAYYYY over board.

Take the case in Philadelphia, where a student is suing his school.  Why?  Because the school issued laptops, which came with webcams.   Any problem yet?  Well… add to it these webcams could be activated by the principle, and guess what?  (Do I really have to spell this one out?)

Seems one of the assistant principles tripped up and gave away the secret when she told the student she knew what he was doing while he was at home.

Sure – the school is now backpedaling, saying they only activated the camera so they could find where the stolen laptops were.   As if this is supposed to wave away the fact that they basically stepped into someone’s house without ever even telling the parents they were doing so.

Oh, there’s a lot to be upset on this.  And it’s not just this particular case.  It’s the fact that we are seeing more and more how people in authority have no clue how abusive they are, as long as they feel they can justify further eroding yours and my rights.



6 Responses

  1. As far as I’m concerned, privacy is one of our most cherished rights!

    • If it was the Assistant Principle who did this – makes you wonder what’s being taught at the school, because it’s obvious the admin was oblivious to how this was violating “Civil Rights”.


  2. Web cams are just the tip of the iceberg. A shift in our society has occurred the past years. We have gone from initially fearing the security of the internet to anything/everything goes, your nobody unless everything about you is transparent. There is little to no digital hygiene that is of any concern with many of the nets younger users. This is all they have known since High School, so it must be safe, secure, and no problem. I don’t know where this all nets out for privacy and society. Caution is still necessary, storage is unlimited and cheap and everything is connected.

    • Absolutely correct about the younger users thinking the net is safe. One of these days someone is going to come out with a Google Plug-In that lets the user take one photograph, use facial recognition, and hen search the rest of the net for similar faces. Imagine how many people are going to find out “private moments” have 10,000 hits at some porno site – Big Whoops!


      • I am sure that technology is on the shelf already. It’s sad to know how many digital illiterates are out on the road. Feel sorry for those who err, but most of the horror story will be from the “who cares” demographic.

      • You’re right – when a person posts videos they might be embarrassed by – so sad. Too many don’t realize Social Network is the new “Digital Tattoo” – once its on, it don’t come off.

        “Momma – was that really you in the video on MILF?”


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