Capatilism, Socialism and Obamalism

I remember a college professor once using Cows as an example of the different government models.

There was Communism, in which the state collective farm confiscated your cows, and would give you the milk.  One quart.  For five people.  Only on Tuesdays.  If the collective mets its quota.

Then there is Fascism – the state takes your cows, sells the milk to whoever it wants, and shoots you if you object.

What about socialism? That one was easy – you have three cows, your neighbor, the state redistributes the wealth and everybody should be happy.

Capitalism, was even better – you sell your cows and you buy the bull the village will use for breeding.

Well, 2010 has rolled around, and now we have a new “-ism”; Obamalism.  Here Barak goes to India, apologizes that America still eats cows, blames the wheat farmer for wanting profits, tries to ram through a program which says grass is much greener, and to top it off – claims that every quarter his cow is keeping a million families from starving.

Obamalism – let’s get used to it.



2 Responses

  1. Where did you find the picture of Obama with the cow? That is really funny. The expression on his face is the best! I gotta put it up on my blog…

    I would argue that your professor’s cow examples aren’t so great. Communism have historically shot and let starve plenty of people that objected to their cows being taken– just like the fascism example.

    Fascism itself is incredibly hard to define, since no one seems to know what it is and will not accept the definition offered in “The Doctrine of Fascism” written by Gentile and Mussolini– the founders of fascism.

    Likewise, the method of redistribution of the socialism model is glossed over but still exemplifies the Marxist creed “to all according to their needs.” I think any model that completely divorces socialism from Marxist thought is suspect.

    • Yep – B-O’s facial expression is what I think he really wants to have on his face when he meets with Republicans.

      As for the models – true – ever since Ill Duce was left with a piano wire necklace, nobody’s ever really tried it. The point I’m trying to make, Capatalism is the best system – and B-O …. well, he’s in a league all on his own.


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