Where did the President’s Seal go?

First, I want to give a Hat Tip to Nika for letting me know about this video.  I know it’s Rachel Maddow, and we have to listen to her sarcastic dribble – especially the 3 – 2  – 1 countdown at the end of the story… but no mattter- the question is still there – where is the Presidential Seal.

Excuse me – I don’t care if you are the current President – the key word is “current”.  That seal is not YOURS personally – it is the seal of every President who sat in the office before you, and every one to come after your one term is over.  That seal is just as representative of the office you hold, as the American flag is representative of our country.

It is not your prerogative to decide when it will and will not  to be displayed.   If you don’t want it tattooed on your butt cheek, that’s your personal decision.  What you don’t get to do is have some political hack decide that it “sends the wrong message” when you show up at a political rally.    If you think it is “inappropriate” – then don’t show up to the rally!

Because when you do show up, you are representing the office.  And you are saying “the President is behind this candidate”.  There is no higher endorsement than the one you give when this happens.

Why am I angry – because once again, you are placing B-O above the office you hold.  Once again, your actions shame the office you hold.  Bow to a king.  Bow to an emperor.  Heck, you even bow to a mayor.  It is time to remember, when people say “Mr President”, they aren’t just talking to you personally – they are addressing the office you hold.  And it is the ideals of our Founding Fathers, and our Constitution  which set our country apart 200 plus years ago.  Those very ideals – that’s what the Presidential Seal stands for.

And Rachel – I’m not going to call it “communism”.  I’m going to call it what it is – “Shameful Arrogance!”



7 Responses

  1. This just creeps me out. First of of all Maddow, come on Tex, I am trying to eat here. Why would one not use the seal? I think you’re right. If he thinks he should’nt be president and campaigner at the same time then don’t campaign. But we know he can’t stop that, it’s his herion. Or does he want to slowly replace the seal with something else. I think that is what we are all wondering. Or does he have a problem with the current seal. Maybe he has a problem with some of the sybolisim, such as the Glory spikes? Or maybe he is just superstitious and can’t handle all the 13’s

    • Well my friend… I hope you didn’t loose all the appetite. Maybe one of these days I’ll treat you to a pizza. I was going to say “an Obama Pizza”, but then I just realized – the three ingredients would be… pineapple – turkey – magic mushrooms, no dough, and 40 % of the slices redistributed to the next customer.


  2. Yeah, it’s Maddow, but I couldn’t find this anywhere else. Keep in mind it’s NBC, maybe this wasn’t supposed to get out.

    OMT – great article and thanks!

    • Nika – maybe you’re right – but then again, maybe the WH knew only 25,000 people ever tune in to NBC, so it would be safe to make a test run. Maybe we’re proving them right – that it wouldn’t catch anyone’s attention.


  3. Here’s an interesting video from last Summer, but timely, nonetheless. The Power & Danger of Iconography.

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