B-O demonstrates “Clear” understanding of Insurance

Hat tip to Mr Mike O for this one – he sent me an email asking about B-O comparing his car insurance to health insurance.

Now, even B-O himself says “it was not meant to provide…” and “was to meet the legal requirement”.  Now, does anyone in the classroom remember the difference  between “Comprehensive” and “Liability” insurance?  And this man calls himself a lawyer?

How about this B-O…I have Health insurance and I have Life Insurance… are they interchangeable?  I suppose in your mind they are….since they both have the word “Insurance” in them, and Health and Life are obviously the same thing.

B-O… you’re showing yourself to be an even bigger incompetent when you try to use arguments like these.  but then again, your party is replete with poor examples meant to pull at our heart strings.  Or did you miss the tear-jerk story about the dentures?



5 Responses

  1. As scary as that is for US. It is even worse for his two daughters. Imagine if this guy was your Direct Primary Care Giver, thats PARENT for all of us regular Joes. If he can’t understand insurance, and it is obvious he still does not, how can he possibly be expected to fix it?

  2. He’s a doofus, most 16 year olds can figure this out, especially if they’re making the payments. He did go to Harvard though, so he must be smarter than the “little people”.

  3. Yeah. This is still not as bad as when Obama claimed that doctors allow diabetics to go untreated so that they can cut off the diabetics’ feet for $50,000. That was the best.

    Every time this man opens his mouth outside the range of his teleprompter, he either appears uninformed or arrogant (or both).

  4. We’re to believe this crock of… whatever? He bought liability and expected collision coverage or – if it was a rear ender – should have contacted the other person’s company. And I want him in charge of health care??? Because he can’t figure things out – we are to change the whole country? Besides – it’s a LIE on its face because he says he bought what was required by the state. Illinois did NOT require insurance shortly after he was out of college. LIE. And proof, once again, he’s an affirmative action dope.

    • The more this man speaks, the easier it gets to see how dishonest he is. 65 million voted for him – can’t wait to see the next election – I expect a lot of those voters to “wake up” and shift their vote. Those who vote for him a second time – will basically demonstrate how stupid they are.


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