DC Asylum presents “Reid’s Resteraunt (Scene One)”

Customer:  Hello, we’re wanting to celebrate my son’s..

Reid:  Here’s your bill sir, 487 Dollars.

(C):  But we haven’t even ordered yet.

(R):  We’ll get to that later – what’s more important is that we act fast because your family is starving.

(C):  but 487 Dollars?

(R):  Look, You have children and years from now when they’re still paying for this, they’ll thank you for your foresight.

(C):  BUT 487 dollars??

(R):  You’re right – if we add a big screen TV and a video game, this will help create jobs in the entertainment industry.

(C):  BUT 487 DOLLARS??

(R) No – now, we will need 782 dollars – and remember, when your family is starving, we can’t afford to do any less!



5 Responses

  1. Harry Reid is an idiot – now he’s threatening voters:


    Have a great day! 🙂

    • Tell him I’m voting, and if Nancy makes the same threat, then I’ll vote three times to avoid her threat!


    • Great site, I need all the humor I can get!

      • Thanks for the compliment! I wasn’t too sure how the “DC Asylum” posts would be received, but if it’s making you laugh at the same time as making the point how idiotic some of their responses are, then it looks like it’s doing what I hoped it would.

        Spread the word – because there are still a number of DC Asylum posts in my edit box!


  2. Reid: Now sit down, shut up and like it!

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