This is what happens when B-O thinks he’s a TV Director

Yeah – keep it tight – don’t let the viewing audience see what others are thinking.   I was fortunate enough to be able to sit down and watch the last 5 hours of the Summit.  Talk about being a dog and pony show!!

Only thing he ended up doing was showing how fair he is (220 minutes for dems, 120 minutes for Repubs), how much he loves his own voice (220 minutes for Dems, 190 minutes belonged to him), as well as how childish he is (“John, the campaign is over), and how idiotic some of their sob stories are (anyone buy that garbage about the dentures?)



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  1. Great blog!

    • Glad to see you like it – so feel free to keep coming back and post as many comments as you want. You can even send in tips for other posts!


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