DC Asylum presents (Reid’s Resteraunt – Scene Two)

(Customer):  We’ve decided the four of us would like to order cheeseburgers and..

(Reid):  Ok, that’s 4 chicken dinners

(C):  No, 4 cheeseburgers.

(R):  Because red meat is unhealthy and we know what’s better for you, we feel you should have the option of chicken.

(C):  No cheeseburgers?  Well, then make it four Deep Fried Chickens.

(R):  No – Fried Chicken is unhealthy – our chicken plates are broiled, skinless, free-range hormone free, stress free birds from Rhode Island; each chicken was individually named, before being humanely euthanized using holistic methods.

(C):  Alright, Alright … and for desert, can we have Chocolate Cake?

(R):  Sorry, we are supporting Michelle’s obesity campaign, we will be providing celery and carrot snack sticks.

And the story goes on, where life is much easier when others get to make decisions for you.



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