Nancy’s Double Standards – or Business as Usual?

As if you haven’t heard – Charley Rangel has been admonished for ethics violations.  What you might not have seen, unless you live up in New York, is the classy photo the Post has.

So, what does Nancy have to say about all of this?  Well, never mind what she wants to say today (such as her dribble about Charley not having done anything to jeopardize American security)…. let’s look at what she has said before about “ethic violations” within the leadership.

Pay attention to 0:38 seconds…. where she lets us know what she really thinks about ethic violations.

“Republicans must answer – Do they want an ethically unfit person to be their majority leader, or do they want to remove the ethical cloud which hangs over the capital?”

At first, I was in agreement – she’s holding to double standards.  Then I realized – her question was aimed at Republicans.   She knows that is the only party which would expect their majority leader to hold to a standard of ethics.  Also, the Republicans would be the only party willing to consider the damage to their credibility.

As for the ethical cloud?  Well, removing Rangel isn’t going to remove the cloud.  Not by a long shot – not with Reid bribing as many Senators as he could, not while Landrieu gets the Louisiana Purchase and Ben Nelson gets the Cornhusker kickback.


4 Responses

  1. One of the first lessons I learned as I moved from the left to the right is that most of the things that the left accuses the right of is typically true of the left.

    So the left calls conservatives racist. Look at liberal policies in minority neighborhoods and how minorities suffer.

    The left calls us sexist. Look at how they attacked Sarah Palin unscrupulously!

    So when the left says that Republicans foster a “culture of corruption” just think of William Jefferson, Charlie Rangel, Eliot Spitzer, John Edwards, Kwame Kilpatrick, Carol Mosely Braun, and eventually you’ll get to Harry Reid!

    Great post!

    • You are so correct – but the typical Liberal is ‘blind” to their own double standard. You ask about the minority neighborhoods, I’ve often wondered about this myself. I also know you do an excellent job of exposing this at your Blog. Keep up the good work!


  2. I think she was speaking her mind when she speaks of removing the ethical cloud. I think she really looks at ethics as a cloud in the way that needs to be removed so she can get their goals acomplished. I am glad I can say I awoke this morning to the sweet sounds of Rangle’s voice telling me he was stepping aside, for now. Oh yea, and anytime you want to put Megan Kelly up saying, well anything, it’s OK with me.

    • yeah – I was tickled to wake up and hear Rangle was putting down the gavel – but then i realized…. he said “leave of absence”… not only does he think the charges are going to be dismissed, he also thinks his party will retain their power after November.

      If we both thought the day was good…imagine the day gets here where the news-bobble heads tell us the Dems have suffered their worst defeat in political history. That will be a good day. Probably won’t be able to go back to sleep… for a few days at least!


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