Protests – Then and Now

The 40’s brought us the “Greatest Generation” – the 60s brought us the “Loudest Generation”. And now, Nancy is saying the Tea Party protests share a lot in common with the Democrats.

So… When Nancy thinks “Protest”, what do you think comes to mind?

So, her generation “grew up” – decided LBJ was right, and that a Great Society could be built, if we just threw enough tax money at it.  Need something, then let Nanny DC take care of it.  Got a boo-boo?  Nanny DC will kiss it and make it all better.

And after 40 years, we’re broke.   So, now meet today’s protestors.

Can anyone help me see the similarities Nancy is thinking about?  One group wanted “Free Love”, the other is saying “I’m paying for your Freebies”.



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