DC Asylum presents (Reid Resteraunt Scene Three)

We’re back to our customer, John Q. and he’s already learned he has to agree to the bill before he is allowed to see the menu, as well as finding out the choices have already been made for him.  Because John Q is still hungry, he is going to take care of that real soon…

(Customer):  Excuse me, can I get another helping of…

(Reid):  No.

(C):  Wait, nobody said anything about Rationing?

(R):  Rationing is just a buzz word used by our competition.  This is an “All you can eat” resteraunt.

(C) Well, I would like some more to eat then.

(R) Sir, I just explained…THIS is ALL you CAN eat!”

So, once again, John Q learns the devil is in the details, and not in the quick, catchy sound-bites he sees on MSM.



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