DC Asylum presents “Snow-Bama and the Seven Dwarves”

Once upon a time, a young senator named Snow-Bama felt called to move to the land of Partisania.  Because he knew he would have to face the evil GOP, he was glad to have his friends with him – the seven dwarves.

There was Blame-oh, who was always ready to tell everyone who’s fault it was.   And whenever Snow-bama went to other kingdoms, he would make sure Sorry-oh was right there at his side.

Aye-Corn helped Snob-bama get his way, and Gibby was there to help Tely-prompt tell the peasants and peons what they needed to think.

And Changey and Hopey were always at Snow-bama’s side whispering in his ear “they just aren’t smart enough to understand.”

You-owe, you-owe, so off to work you go… you owe, you owe..



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