Remembering Michael Foot

I doubt many have ever heard the name Michael Foot, or even know that he died on Tuesday at the age of 96.

But I am sure many remember the name Margaret Thatcher, leader of the British Conservative party, and Tony Blair of the Labour Party.  So, who was Michael Foot?

He led the British Labour party from 1980 to 1983, when Britain had just after the British had won the Falkland war.   He was the unavowed socialist leader of the Labour party, and he was determined to stop Thatcher from having a second term.

Not only was he the founder of the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, the platform he chose to run against Margaret not only included unilateral nuclear disarmament, but state takeover of the banks.

Against the war.  Weak on the military.  Seeing Socialism as the cure to the ills of Capitalism.  Advocate of having the state take over major institutions.  The similarities between Foot and the current U.S President don’t stop there.  Foot was known for his brilliance as an orator.

“In debate and on the platform he has a kind of genius,” Thatcher wrote, but added that his policies offered “an umbrella beneath which sinister revolutionaries, intent on destroying the institutions of the state and the values of society, were able to shelter”

Why am I taking time to remember Michale Foot?  Is it because he reminds me so much of another current political leader?  Yes – but for a different reason.    Maybe, for the same reason you don’t hear any American liberal leaders (such as Pelosi, Clinton, or Snowbama) wax eloquent about his passing.

See… when Foot took on Thatcher and the Conservatives, Foot was already the leader of the Labour party for three years.   And he led the Labour party to its worst defeat in history, when they only secured 28 percent of the vote.

Sounds almost like our current President’s standing in the polls doesn’t it?.  Perhaps Snowbama and Pelosi will be foot notes in the history books for the very same reason.

November is coming!



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