How America is Slowly going “Third World”

Ms. Bachmann (R-Minn), was just on the Larry King show, where she asked some excellent questions about how Snowbama goes about appointing judges… it would appear that becoming a judge is now about who you are related to…and what those relatives can do to advance health care.

Let’s follow the dots on this one.

A) WH summons ten democrats who are going to vote NO on HC

B) John Matheson (D-Utah) is one of the ten

C) Scott Matheson is appointed to 10th Circuit of Appeals

D) Both A and C happen on same day.

Is there any connection?  The WH says any connection is “absurd”.  Sure, it’s absurd, but that doesn’t qualify as a denial.  It’s absurd for the WH to think the American People won’t see the connection.   It’s absurd that we’ve dropped to a point where even our justice system can be sold in order to advance this.  It’s absurd to watch the WH use Third World Dictatorships as a model on how to govern – what’s next? Arresting dissenters?

One look at the Corn Husker kickback, and the Louisiana Purchase, it’s clear this WH is willing to accept, tolerate and even encourage out and out bribery in order to advance their agenda.  This should be a clear indication this socialized medicine is corrosive to our country.   Bankrupt the country – that’s ok.  Sacrifice integrity, ethics and even our justice system – that’s ok.

Well…it’s not.  And it’s time we kill this health bill once and for all.

Folks, you have to let your friends know about this one.  If they weren’t interested in politics, then get them interested.  This is one more indication of how much the WH is willing to destroy America, just to get their way.  We have to raise our voices even louder.  Get a megaphone.  Get serious about it.

But most of all….stop this from happening.



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