Second Milestone

Well,  just noticed that sometime this morning, the blog slipped past the 1,000 visits point.  I want to thank everyone for taking a moment to stop by and take note.  I also want to thank some of the others for sharing this link with their friends.  Next stop – will be curious to see how long it takes to reach 5,000.



4 Responses

  1. Congradulations on your milestone! The hits will come. Keep up the good work.

    You have been added to the blogroll at Carol’s Closet

  2. See how sick I am!!! When I read this I thought you meant 1000 per day – not total since you started.

    My very first thought was, “How come 1000 people per day visit this newbie and not me? Oh dear – I need to be lashed to a cart wheel and driven to Distraction!

    Thanks for visiting me today. We are going to be great friends!

    • A thousand hits a day? Laugh! That would be a full time job – and I’m a full time dad first, full time husband second, and work a full time job which I absolutely love. As much as I love Blogging – it has no possibility of supplanting any of the other three!

      And I do believe we WILL become great friends – conservatives base friendship on the long term…. liberals look to see what the flavor of the month is. Laugh


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