Great Video – “Pay Less leads to Pay More”

I want to thank J.Thomas Hunter for sharing this video – I agree there are problems with the Health Care system, but this video shows there are answers.  Real answers.  Answers which are true to free market principles and not from a failed economic principle of socialism.

Too bad Snowbama doesn’t want to talk about these answers.  Because not only would it provide great relief, as the free market moves, the prices of health care would go down, as competition re-enters the equation. (Take a look at the Lasik Surgery example).

But like the singer in the video says: “Everyone wants more, now, and Free”.



5 Responses

  1. I “heart” John Stossel.

    To pay for my sin of jealousy and pride, I made you my featured blog. As Carol from “No Sheeples Here” says, “Expect an avalanche of hits and traffic beyond your wildest dreams.

  2. I watched the Health Care video by John Stossel the 2nd time. From my 26 1/2 years of active military service I can assure you a high majority will go to the hospital with a hang nail type issue when they do not have to consider the cost.

    • Well everyone – Mr Harvey is right on the money with this. I’m sure all of us can look back and see the same thing – coworkers or employees, or even relatives, who run off to the doctor for everything, especially since it only costs 20 dollars for the co-pay.

      Stossel was right – why buy ground beef when you can have all the sirloin you want?


  3. Interesting. I’ll keep these in mind. Thanks for the post.

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