DC Asylum Presents – “Fly those Friendless Skys” (Scene Two)

John Q and his family have finally made it on to the plane, and starts to notice a few things are different than he expected.

(John Q):  Stewardess, Can I have my complimentary refreshment?

(Stewardess):  Yes sir, we have water, carrot juice, and celery juice.

(John Q):  but those other passengers are having orange juice and sodas.

(Stewardess):  Well sir, the private pay plans are more expensive because of the extra amenities included.

(John Q):  Another thing, my seat is no where near as large as those seats up front.

(Stewardess):  Yes sir – those seats are exempt from the industry restrictions.

(John Q):  I don’t understand…

(Stewardess):  Those are the Congressional-Class seats.

(John Q):  Excuse me?

(Stewardess):  Please remember, they sacrifice so much in their service to the nation, we should understand their need for the additional compensation.

Well folks, seems John Q is now learning that equal doesn’t always mean equal – especially when it comes to our elected officials.



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