DC Asylum presents “New(d) Tactics for Passing Health Care”

(Gibbs):  The President has reviewed Eric Massa’s accusation that he was accosted in the Congressional Shower by the Chief Of Staff and has given this deep consideration.

(Reporter):  Will he be taking any action?

(Gibbs):   Yes, for starters, he has instructed Congressional staffers to replace all shower towels with new ones that have our new “Say No to No” logo.

(Reporter):  Is this all the President is going to do?

(Gibbs):  Of course not.  The President feels there is no better place to discuss his health care plan, than in the bathroom, so he has instructed the staffers to spend 123 million dollars on toilet paper that has the same “Say No to No” logo.

(Reporter):  Couldn’t you come up with something better?

(Gibbs):  Yes, but Legal Council advised against using photos of Republicans on the toilet paper.

(Reporter):  No, I mean, couldn’t you find another way of communicating with members of Congress?

(Gibbs):  Yes, and that’s why we have our “Say Yes” soap on a rope.

(Reporter):  Soap on a Rope?

(Gibbs):  Have you ever tried having a conversation with someone in the shower and someone drops the soap?  Very awkward moment, wouldn’t you agree?

Well folks, once again, the silly crew in the White House has demonstrated there is no place off limits when it comes to “pushing” their agenda.   Just glad they weren’t thinking about making the Congressional Showers Co-Ed – otherwise Nancy would have been there as well – and that’s a fear tactic too much for any man to resist.




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