Definition of “Good Day” – Only 36,000

Isn’t it amazing how callous the Democrats are.  I thought they were the party of Compassion.   What happened Mr. Reid?

Once again, this administration is demonstrating it’s phenomenal ability to relate to the American People.   Perhaps it is time to designate a new mental illness.  “Schizo-Beltway-Phrenia”?  “Manic-Out of Touch Disorder”? “Clinical Ignorance”?

Either way…just some fast math (even though Feb has 28 days, I used 30 for fast math).  That comes out to 1,200 people per day.  In other words, 50 an hour.  Almost 1 every minute.

The only way this can be good news is if Reid and SnowBama have convinced themselves unemployment is one of those experiences which will leave a person indebted to the Democratic party.

Go figure this one out – the more I watch, the more I’m convinced I woke up on another planet.



3 Responses

  1. Masters of Spin is what they are. How about
    ‘Willful Blindness/Deafness’?

  2. WOW, thank you.I always wanted to write in my site something like that. Can I take part of your post to my blog?

  3. Maybe you should change the page subject Definition of “Good Day” – Only 36,000 A-Files' Blog – All American, Apple Pie, Angry as Heck! to something more catching for your subject you write. I enjoyed the the writing still.

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