Lessons In Heroics – No Medals, only Prison time (Part One)

Ever wonder what it takes to be a Hero?  Ever wonder what happens afterward?

Let’s take a look at these two pictures…

Appears to be a very heart warming welcome home, doesn’t it?

Well, there’s more to this story…

Here’s an interesting story  (hat tip to Mr. Harvey for sharing this one with me) – let’s see if we can follow along and figure out where things went wrong.

1) Firefight in Fallujah, Americans die (one of whom is Jerry Zovko)

2) Corpses are mutilated and disgraced, all before cheering crowds (The lady with the tears? Jerry’s mother)

3) US Military never forgets

4) Seal team captures those responsible (See the Sailor?  That’s Matthew McCabe)

The story should end there, shouldn’t it.   Mother meets Hero who brought her son’s killer to justice.

Justice – that’s what’s she and everyone else outside the gates of the Norfolk navy station were seeking.  See… one of those arrested alleges the SEALs roughed him up – busted his lip – to say nothing about the hurt feelings.

The Navy response?  Court Martial.

“Let Me Be Clear” Mr President – You are the Commander In Chief.  As much as that term causes your stomach to get upset, ultimately it is you who are responsible for the treatment the men and women in our Armed Services receive.  It is you, who is allowing this travesty of justice to continue.  While you wring your hands, whimpering and whining over why no one wants to hold criminal trials in NYC for terrorist, is it no wonder those who serve have lost confidence in their command?  Not in the Generals and Admirals, but in you sir.  You.

You run around the world, apologizing for who America is, and then allow this to occur.  Is it no wonder our allies look at us, and question our own commitment to missions in which their soldiers are placed in harms way?  This is the America you are presenting – one which punishes its heroes and victimizes the advesary.

Shame on you.  Shame on you for not putting an end to this.




4 Responses

  1. Thank you for bringing this story to the foreground. This is an absolute travesty. Worse yet, I highly doubt that Obama will do the right thing on this one. Navy SEALs are true heroes. I sleep soundly every night knowing that they are cracking my enemies’ heads. God bless them. How is justice served by imprisoning this SEAL? They ought to be allowed to do their jobs without fear of punishment.

    • Yes – we can all sleep better knowing we have brave men and women standing between us and harm. But for how long? How long before those same young men begin to question why they should place themselves in harms way, when at the end of the fight, it may mean facing prison because the political winds have changed? In the end, will actions like this effect the recruiting and retention?

      Or even more… are we now sending signals to the troops, that perhaps its not anyone’s best interest to bring back prisoners? And where will that lead to? will messages like this, end up creating an environment of “take no prisoners”, which will eventually lead to some atrocities being highlighted by CNN?

      Continue to watch, because this administration is not through taking the gut-knife to the military. It’s not impossible to see a day when a pilot will be criminally charged for civillian casualties, even if his payload destroyed an enemy gun emplacement.


      • You can see a similar difficulty in the intelligence services. Threats of prosecuting interrogators and the intelligence service hampers those who are gathering intelligence.

        These people screaming for prosecutions often were among those who were screaming about intelligence failures immediately following 9/11.

  2. You raise very interesting questions, Tex.

    Some years ago, I wanted to be a Navy SEAL myself. I worked out everyday, I learned to swim and practiced everyday. I did a lot of work preparing myself to be a soldier. I even spoke to servicemen who were currently defending the nation. Without fail, across generations and across branches, soldiers would tell me that the military has changed for the worse. I say this in direct response to your question about how these stories harm recruiting and retention.

    Some men told me that they they did not feel comfortable using force because they were uncertain of the legal ramifications. I wasn’t sure if they were telling the truth or not, but I heard it enough from enough sources to believe them.

    Some of the other gripes had to do with the cuts in services for soldiers. I heard stories of soldiers going broke, or bankrupt. When the Walter Reed Hospital scandal broke, I was truly broken-hearted. I couldn’t imagine someone risking their bodies to be cast away in a rat infested “hospital.”

    These stories do affect recruitment. In effect, the message is “Young, patriots should sacrifice for their country. In return they could be treated like a common criminal, go broke, or find themselves maimed and forgotten while rescuing people who will burn the American flag in less than a decade.” It’s an awfully hard sell.

    I’m very comfortable acknowledging that Democrats–especially our college professor president–are bad for the military. You’re right to point out that they send mixed signals both to our enemies and to the soldiers who are defending us. But I think that politicians respond to the population, and we as Americans need to value our armed servicemen more than we do. (Republicans and Democrats alike)

    I don’t look forward to Obama further mistreating military personnel. I just hope that when a Republican administration replaces his in 2012, it will make it a point to properly honor and support people who sacrifice to defend us.

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