How will History Look Back at Our Defense of Freedom?

Hat Tip to Mr. Harvey for sharing this video of Jude Napolitano (no – not the scary woman running Home Land).  This is one of a 5 part series he gave at the Campaign for Liberty.  It is without a doubt, worth the time spent watching it.

I have three favorite parts:

at 5:11 – after describing Medicare as broke, Social Security as broke, as well as Medicaid, Amtrack and the Post Office, he asks a great question “Who in their right mind” would give Health Care to the same people with that track record?

At 5:51 – He asks a question – “where in the Constitution” does it address Health Care.  As for those Liberal pin heads who point to “Regulating Interstate Commerce” – this video provides his answer!

And my all time favorite – 6:34 -“In the long history of the world, only a few generations have been called to defend freedom in its maximum hour of need” and then reminds everyone… have to see what he says.





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