DC Asylum presents “Department of Guaranteed Labor” (Scene Three)

(Gibbs):   Recently, the President issued his Executive Order which expanded the Department of Labor.  He feels the time has come to expand on this overwhelmingly successful initiative.

(Reporter):  What will this new expansion offer?

(Gibbs):  Very simple – the previous expansion for DoL was to be more actively involved in preventing unemployment.  But what about those already unemployed?

(Reporter):  yes, what about those already unemployed?

(Gibbs):  The answer is simple – just as Main Street needs to seek the Department of Labor’s “authorization” before laying anyone off, the Human Resource Department for all business will now need to be “certified” by the DoL

(Reporter):  Certified?

(Gibbs):  Yes – it’s a simple process… when their business has an opening, instead of advertising in classified ads, the HR department will now send a requisition to the DoL, who will in turn send a pool of candidates to be interviewed.

(Reporter):  So the government is going to be more active in the hiring process?

(Gibbs):  Exactly – President Obama feels the HR departments are the main obstacle to unemployment.

(Reporter):  Has he considered that perhaps the people applying are not qualified for the jobs?

(Gibbs):  That is the exact sentiment this President feels is counterproductive.  What’s more important – lowering the unemployment number, or using an artificial selection process?

(Reporter):  What about being qualified for the job?

(Gibbs):  Who is best able to define “Qualified” – the HR department, or the government?  I think the answer is pretty obvious.

Well folks, once again, we learn when we let Big Government make our small decisions, it isn’t too long before they start looking for other decisions they feel they are more qualified to make.   Good thing Snowbama doesn’t read this blog for ideas, huh?




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