DC Asylum presents “Vacation Day Crisis”

Let’s drop in on an interview between a hardball reporter (such as Chris Matthews) and POTUS.

(Matthews):  Mr. President, this morning your office said America faced a challenge unlike any other in its history.  Can you elaborate?

(President):  Of course – America stands on the edge of a cliff, ready to tumble off.  Should this happen, America as we know it, will cease to exist.

(Matthews):  In what way?

(President):  There are 46 Million Americans… hard working Americans, who do not have any employer sponsored paid-vacation days.

(Matthews):  Wow – that is scary.

(President):  Let me be clear – it is the worker who puts up the sweat and the labor, but gets no share in the pie.

(Matthes):  Has it really gotten that bad?

(President):  Yes – let me be clear – if you work 40 hours, week after week, you should be allowed to take some time off to spend with your family.  They are the ones being deprived.

(Matthews):  What do you think Wall Street will have to say?

(President):  Chris – let me be clear – Wall Stree executives already award themselves four week, six week and even more for vacations.  Let me be clear – I will not tolerate such inequity.

(Matthews):  Will the Republicans work with you?

(President):  Let me be clear – the party of “No” is not the party of “Know”.  I will not tolerate segregation between the vacationers and non-vacationers.

(Matthews):  What about the vacation industry – will they support you?

(President):  Let me be clear – it will be in the best interest of everyone if all workers were given the same six week vacation as executives.

(Matthews):  So, big business complaints about driving up their overhead is unfounded?

(President):  Let me be clear – our numbers from the CBO do not support this – in fact, not only will business benefit from a refreshed worker who is more productive, the economic boost to the entertainment industry, increased travel, hotel room usage and all other aspects of vacation will more than off-set these costs.

Well folks, once again, we see what happens when someone who has never run a business decides what needs to be fixed in order to make the business better.




4 Responses

  1. Let me be clear, this could be a real interview! There must be video somewhere…. 😀

    • If there is a video – let me know, I’ll send them some more scripts! Laugh – Sometimes, the best part of the day is if I have a chance to write something with “DC Asylum”.


  2. This was the first, and so far, only thing that made me laugh today. I had to link it…


    • Glad you liked it! May I suggest usin the search button on the side, and look for “DC Asylum”… I’ve written some others – would be interested in seeing what you think.


      And ALWAYS feel welcome to link!

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