Great observation regarding Welfare Benefits and Illegal Employment

The Southeast Missourian ran an editorial regarding Illegal Immigration and this current administration.  Of course, it is right on target with it’s observation:
“Our president came into office with several campaign promises.  He is now learning that campaigning and governing are much different.”

But the best part of the editorial comes at the end, when it addresses the central argument regarding illigal immigration – that they come over to better themselves and to do the jobs Americans are unwilling to do.

You know what, we’ve all heard it before, and every response I’ve ever heard tend to look at the American worker – is he lazy?  Are his expectations too high?  Is there work beneath his dignity?

But the one thing we rarely hear, is a counterargument which is both sound and truthful.

“Does anyone ever ask the question of why Americans are unwilling to do some of the difficult jobs held by the alien population?  Is it because we have established a welfare system – call it what you want – that is more enticing than taking a job that is less than ideal?”

“If we reward people through countless federal assistance programs more than they could earn at the jobs taken by the immigrant population, then we have created the problem we now seek to solve.”

And nothing can be closer to the truth than that last line.  We have finally reached a point where it is better to be on welfare than it is to actually work.  The illegal aliean shows us the work is there.  He shows us he can still feed his family, and make better in life.  But will Americans work the same job?  Obviously not – and why should they?

So, what do you think will happen as we continue to expand our federal assistance programs?  Not only will you and I pay more taxes (which we all agree will happen), but there will be progressively less and less people willing to do the work.  Which in turn, means you and I will have to pay even more.

A never ending cycle – one we have to stop, or eventually, there won’t be enough workers left to pay the non-workers.

Once again, hat tip to Mr. Harvey for sending me the article!




5 Responses

  1. That’s actually an interesting argument that I haven’t heard before. Thanks for posting this.

    Not to be argumentative (I’ve been through that on another site over a different issue), but I think that another factor is the wages paid to illegal immigrant workers. I have some relatives in central Cal. one owns a dairy and the others some farms, and they pay their workers pennies– far below minimum wage. This is a common practice throughout the area. I think as long as illegal immigrant labor is so cheap it’ll be used.

    This is not to suggest that the welfare state is not another factor. I’ve got to think about it, but I think it’s a big one.

    • You’re not being argumentative. In fact, I like hearing your opinion. And you’re right – illegals will continue to take the jobs which are lower than minimum wage. After all, if the employer is going to break ONE law (minimum wage), what keeps him from breaking other laws, such as confirming residency status?

      So…. we need to make that a SERIOUS crime?It should carry the same penalty as drug dealing. Dealers destroy families, and those same employers … are they helping families? Or treating them like slaves?

      But at the end of the day… even if every bit of illegal employment was eradicated, and those same jobs paid minimum wage, who is going to take those jobs? Why work minimum wage for 200 dollars a week, when combined welfare programs are giving you more?

      Let’s face it… we’ve created a welfare system which makes it better to stay on, than to leave and join the work force.


  2. Forgot to mention this, sorry. Your link to The Southeast Missourian is dead.

  3. If people don´t want illegals, a good idea would be to stop hiring them. Illegal immigrants don’t cross the border because they love US, they cross because they get better paid jobs than in their countries. We don´t like illegals but we hire them. We don´t like the war against the drugs but we are the number one consuming drug country of the world…i need a nap.

    • The point of the article wasn’t we have an imigration problem because we hire – as I pointed out, even if they were legal, and paid minimum wage, we still have a substantial portion of welfare recipients who would not “lower” themselves. 6 dollars an hour, 40 hours a week = 240 before tax… why work for 240, when welfare gives so much more?


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