Has the Tea Party Run out of Steam?

I’ve been reading some o the pundits, and now they are asking if the Tea Party is running out of momentum.

Here’s two points to consider:

ne – the first major rally was April 15, 2009.  When it first started, there were a lot of jokes about “Teabagging”, etc.   Where are the jokes now?  No, instead of dismissing with jokes – now they paint the anger as “racism”. 

Think about it, the movement is less than a year old.  And what has it accomplished?

First, Health Care was to be a “done deal” in May, then June, then August, then November, then December, then in time for the 2010 State of Union.

If anything, it has brought this admin to a practical stand still.  One which has spent all most all its capital on a single issue.

Have they stopped Health Care?  Not today.  But where is Cap-Ex?  Where are those activist judges?  Is the coal industry still in existance?  The point is this – the Tea Party mobilized people to become more active.  And as the people rally, the White Houst has to use what little capital they can marshall to try to push forward.

Was anyone expecting a single, decisive moment in which the White Houste would roll over, admit defeat and be left with nothing more to do than count out the days left in their term?

There will never be a “Waterloo” moment – but the Tea Party wll be remembers more akin to “Stalingrad” – a slow battle of attrition.

Has anyone kept up with the count ofhow many dems have already announced their retirement?


Which brings me to my second point – Winter.

Just like Stalingrad, the German High Command knew the closer the days came to spring, with no victory in sight, the more likely the spring time would bring crushing defeat.

Well, we are almost at the one year mark of the first protests.  Does anyone doubt there be more such protests in the next six weeks?  And after that, we roll into the summer – July 4th through Labor Day.

So to answer the question “Has the Tea Party lost steam?”

No – if anything, as the days get warmer, so will the activity.  And Heaven help those fools in DC if they don’t recognize how voting “Yes” on ‘Reconciliation’ will be like pouring gasoline on a smoldering fire.

This is no where near over.

Not by a long shot.

Old Man Tex


5 Responses

  1. Amen!! I’ll be one mad man (even madder than now) if they even try reconciliation!!!!!

  2. […] be before someone proclaimed the Democrat victory to be “Waterloo”.  Well, I already wrote about this a few weeks ago – the fight against Health Care is not, and can not, compare to Waterloo.  Like I said before, this […]

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