Pay-Go is Not the Solution

How often have we heard SnowBama and other Dems say they want to use “Pay-As-You-Go”?

The concept of paying upfront sure seems to be a sound idea.  If you don’t have the money, you don’t get to buy the dress.  The government doesn’t have the money, they don’t get to have the program.

Obnly – It doesn’t happen.

Anyone remember why Bunning was trying to hold back a certain spending bill?  Because the money wasn’t there.   So much for Pay-Go.

In this case, there were 400 thousand unemployed.  Now, who wants to tell that crowd they won’t be getting any benefits? 

So, as long as the need is compelling, and the politician doesn’t want to be the bad guy – forget Pay-Go.  And most everything can be made to sound compelling – and one other thing is a sure thing – Politicians do not get re-elected for being the bad guy.

But ther is another reason this gimmick won’t work – the law only applies to new programs, and leaves exempt the pre-existing ones.

Isn’t this the same as saying you want to loose weight and you will use Dr Obama’s “Eat Only You Excercise”, only to find out this applies to foods you haven’t already been eating?

Sure, you don’t get to eat as many Bavarian Chocolate bars as you hoped you would, but since you never ate one before, they are out.  But feel free to keep stacking up that pile of Hershey bars – Obama says it’s not part of his diet.

Just how successful will that diet be? If you still think there will be any weight loss – stop reading this blog and go back to watching sit-coms.

Reducing the defecit is simple.  The formula is the same one you use to pay off your credit cards.

Stop.  Don’t make any more purchases on credit.

Work on spending less, and use the money you aren’t spending to reduce your own debt.

The one thing you can NOT do, is go to your boss and demand a new pay raise each and everytime there is a sale at the mall, and something new catches your eye.

So… what are we to do?

We sure can’t count on the career politician to write any laws which will force him to do something he doesn’t want to – if they did, count on this – there WILL be exemptions.

Second, time after tim, they have already demonstrated a propensity to avoid following the laws, especially when they convince themselves the need is great.

So… what are we to do?

Come back tomorrow – I’ll write some more.



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