Whatever Ms Slaughter “Deems”

I’ve met preachers who never believed in God

I’ve met doctors who forgot “do no harm”, and convince themselves abortion is just a procedure.

I’ve heard of teachers who no longer have students, and now sit in “rubber rooms” collecting a pay check.

Now we have politicians who don’t believe in democracy.

Deem this Ms. Slaughter – I deem out of office.  Forget elections, being able to “deem” something is so much easier.  Can I “deem” twice in one day, or do I have to wait till tomorrow?  Because next on my list is SnowBama, then Pelosi, then Reid…wow…deeming is fun.

Ms. Slaughter – you are a bloody fool.  But then again, you’ve already demonstrated that when you played your “she had to wear her dead sister’s dentures”.  



One Response

  1. The Audacity of Progressive Arrogance on display. I deem the lefties go down in flames!

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