Pay-Go Is Not the Solution (Part 2)

Well, yesterday I wrote about “Pay As You Go” and what a sham it is – it’s not all inclusive, and it relies on politicians to even want to abide by it.  And I ended my post with “So, what are we to do?”

For starters, stop expecting a new batch of electd officials to make any real difference.  The professional lobbyists, carreer staffers, even the experienced journalist, they are all there… waiting for the Freshman Congress to come in, so they can chew them up and show them how the game is really played.

But the Founding Fathers were wise – they knew there would be times the Federal government would not heed the will of the States.  And this is they they framed the Constitution in the manner in such a way that it not only served as the foundation upon which all other law must be measured, but the Founders also gave the people outside the Federal government the ability to pass amendments.

See, they knew there would be times the individual states would have to take action when the Federal government would not.

And folks, if there ever was a time when “We THE People” need to reign in the Federal government… it is now.

Not twenty years from now, not even ten years from today.


Either the spending is brought under control, or we will eventually implode under the pressure of debt.

Either – Or …

No grey middle ground …

Succeed or Fail …

Continue on or Cease …

Either – Or!

So, back to the first question – What can we do?

We stop expecting “Career” politicians to solve our problems.  We stop expecting Washington to be able to wean itself from the political addiction of trading appropriations for votes.

Rehab has failed.

It is time for tough love.  As in an Amendment which is simple in content.

It is time to say “Enough”.  Enough subsidizing other states because their representatives lack the ethics to watch your own state have to lay off its own state-employees because of the burdens placed on it by their state.

No more – No Less

Simply put – No state shall ever receive from the Federal government more dollars than what it already sends to Washington.

Because at the end of the day – those extra dollars are coming from one of the other states.   And the longer we tolerate this, the longer we will continue to support the nanny-states which want to buy their votes with your dollars.



4 Responses

  1. How about listing some of the states that get more back from the fed’s than they send in.

  2. Thanks the author for article. The main thing do not forget about users, and continue in the same spirit.

  3. The subject is fully clear but why does the text lack clarity? But in general your blog is great.

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