Yes Virginia – the Tea Party does matter

First, I want to congratulate Virginia Thomas for starting Liberty Central.  If you’ve been following my posts – you already have an idea of what I think about this.

So, the Liberals are up in arms, are they?   And why?  Because she is the wife of an outspoken Supreme Court Justice.

First, let’s focus on reality – she is the wife – not the Justice himself.  That should say everything which needs to be said.   She has no power – she can’t over turn anything. 

But, no doubt they will still want to object.  Ok… I’ve surfed some of the liberal smog-sites – and a central theme is “traditionaly the court has been politically impartial”

Just what does this mean?  A Justice can’t vote?  Obviously not.  But when they say this – do they forget the number of judges who are members of groups such as Sierra Club, Amnesty International, or … the ACLU?

Let’s look at another part of their objection – Justices should be politically impartial.  Well, if that was true, then we would be seeing many judges using their bench to make new laws (that is the responsibilty of the political body).  We wouldn’t be seeing judges look at the Constitution, and rendering decisions which reflect the political climate, and have no foundation in the document itself.  Case in point – Roe vs Wade.   Future judges are voted on by how they stand on this political decision.

But see, the real matter is not that Virginia has become politcally active. 

It’s her choice which scares the liberals.   Nothing more obvious than this.  If she had chosen to join NOW, or join the board of Planned Parenthood, there would be no controversy.  Now what does that say about their “outrage”?

No – they resent the fact there is a movement which is not only contrary to their agenda, but is one which at its core says – we NEED to return to the original intent of the Constitution.   And how dare anyone who is even REMOTELY associated with interpretting the Constitution, want to be a part of DEFENDING the Constitution.

Mrs Thomas, if you ever find yourself reading this post, then let me know when the next rally you’ll be attending.  I want to support that one!



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